Quality Products, Services and Customer Support

DPS Group and its employees applies a customer focused approach to problem solving with the aim of exceeding customer expectations while meeting all applicable industry standards and project specifications.

We apply robust testing protocols within all product development projects. All testing is documented and witnessed, and includes a factory acceptance test (FAT) prior to installation. This includes a check of completeness, verification against contractual requirements, proof of functionality using simulation or a functionality test, and a final inspection.

System installation and commissioning is also followed by a fully documented and witnessed system acceptance test (SAT). Our design and testing process is fully compliant to ISO9001:2008 and is based on the GAMP 5 V-Model for validating automated systems. Alongside your newly installed system, our team delivers documented evidence, which provides a high degree of assurance and validates installation, operational and performance.

At DPS we are passionate about fully understanding our customers’ requirements. This ensures that we deliver the most innovative and efficient solution for their application.

Our Innovative, creative and a customer focused approach ensures that DPS delivers the highest standards of safety, service & sustainability. This approach is fully embraced throughout our business and ensure we deliver the optimum level of efficiency whilst maintaining the highest quality standards and continuous improvement of our quality management system !SO 9001:2008.