DPS Group & Scotland's Distilleries

Are you ready for SEPA's new whisky sector plans?  

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency’s new whisky sector plan is a gamechanger.
Distilleries are going to be under pressure like never before to demonstrate the highest standards of compliance. 
These will focus on ensuring the industry is fully compliant, taking into account existing legislation. 
Our brilliant team are ideally placed to take the hassle out these changes by conducting a complete review of your operations and ensuring your distillery will continue to function beyond December 2019 when the sector plans are set to come into force.
Learn more about some of work to support distilleries in Scotland, here.

Toast a brighter future with DPS Group

When it comes to compliance, DPS Group is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver electrical, instrumentation and control solutions.
So it is no surprise that with SEPA’s new Sector Plans about to come into force, that distilleries are turning to us to be ahead of the curve.
There has never been more priority on delivering environmental sustainability and the highest standards of safety and quality.
Our risk-based paperless ATEX inspections provide a full auditable asset history - and they could save you up to 40%.
This allows for the effective management of critical data, so that distilleries can make better informed decisions – including identifying problems before they arise.
DPS Group offers a full range of Compliance Services, Systems and Process Automation, Flow Metering, Condition Monitoring and Material Handling systems all designed to meet and exceed the standards required.


With DPS Group you can be sure of a service that is:

Learn more about some of work to support distilleries in Scotland, here.


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